A restart in November

A restart in November

*12.09 am*

It’s been a relatively sad week. I got on the elevator and kept waiting for it to go up without even pressing the floor number. Stupid. And lost. That’s how its been. Also, I broke up.

I had my dentist appointment on Saturday and he tightened the wires on my braces making it really (like, enormously) painful for me to eat anything. But just a day before, I took my parents out for dinner at Barbeque Nation, which was fun. I over-ate prawns, fried fish and the crab curry. The best thing about the dinner though was that I paid for this dinner from my first salary and it made both Mom and Dad extremely happy/proud of me. What a great feeling. Yay!

Well, the next day itself I had the dentist’s appointment and things started getting worse. After the dentist did his work on my teeth, I went out for dinner with my parents and our family friends- the Jadhavs. We had amazing Punjabi food at a restaurant called Raangla Punjab. It had a rooftop seating with a life-size model of a truck kept on one side. The hand-fan shaped menu card and the waiters dressed up in Punjabi kurtas really gave the place an authentic touch.

Sunday morning I woke up late. The tooth-ache worsened and I wasn’t able to chew even on the slice of a cucumber. I spent the whole day reading a great advertising book by Piyush Pandey called “Pandeymonium”. I am totally enjoying this one.

Being a Geologist, advertising is a different word & a new world for me. It never really crossed my mind. Or maybe it did, once, when I was watching FRIENDS for the eighty-sixth time and I was on an episode where Chandler quits his job and wants to try doing something different for a living. Monica then lists out a number of options and Chandler makes his decision after reading the first word itself. It says Advertising.

That’s when it had kind of struck me that I too could join advertising and advance my writing. But it was a random thought back then and I had totally dismissed it. Today, ironically, I find myself working as a Content Writer for an advertising agency and I am totally enjoying the process of it all. So yeah, back to the point, the book is a fun read and also very inspiring for people like me who are complete newbies in advertising.

Sunday evening was my Mama’s (maternal uncle’s) 50th birthday and there was a small function where I met all my noisy relatives. Everyone was really proud of me for having started earning. They kept asking what I did with my first salary to which I straightaway announced how I went to Goa this Diwali and had the time of my life with my friends. I think that is the best way I could have spent my first income- travelling. For that is what I intend to do with all the money I earn. It was symbolic in a way!

Monday morning was good. I got hired as a permanent employee (since my two-month internship is almost over) and got a good raise in my salary. I have been busy making next month client calendars, writing blogs about wheelchairs, artificial intelligence and what not. I’ve also been trying (too) hard to eat something as the tooth-ache just won’t go away.

Today, on Nov 1, it’ll also be exactly three months since I got home my little kitten. She’s super cute. She has adjusted well at my place and has grown up really fast. I am a little too much in love with her and my parents are obsessed too. If you visit my place, you will find three adults- dad, mom and well, me, behaving like maniacs and running around after a little fur ball. Evenings at home are damn fun nowadays!

Hoping there’s more to smile about in the week ahead.

And hello, oh November!

Be good.

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