You have called me at 4. So, I get ready by sliding into my favourite pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt. I decide to keep the hair loose, apply a little kohl in the eye and grab a brown leather bag. It is carrying nothing but it completes the look. I like how my hair swirls when I run towards the shoes. I slip into the new pair of flats I recently bought and glance once more in the mirror before I leave. I like how excited I feel to meet you. Now the clock shows 4 and I realize am late. I know how punctual you are and will be waiting. But, I also know you won’t mind.

Still, I hurry. I rush to an auto outside my house and ask the driver to take me to the CCD.

When I enter, I see you sitting in the far corner reading the menu card. I walk towards you as you look up and smile a little. Your smile has always been my favourite thing about you. Today, however, it feels empty. I sit beside you as you ask me what I’ll like to order. I gush, “Americano”.

You order and return in a minute.

I don’t wait to ask. “What’s wrong?”  I say, “Why did you call me up so urgent?” I complete.  You make a sad face. Well, its natural I assume, you don’t make faces when you’re sad.  “She broke up” you look across. I feel a pinch in the stomach. “Oh” is all I manage to say. You need to give me more of it to react anything. “She likes someone else.  She told me she doesn’t love me anymore. After all our days together, how could she just walk away so easily?” you say, as you look at me with welled up tears. “She says I have become a habit and wants a break from it.” I sit dumbfounded. “I…I understand but you have to be strong.” I mutter. “How could she like someone else after all the years of being in love with me? How could she even think that she would break my heart like this?” you continue, without paying attention to any of the ‘umm hmm’ I do in between. “I see them walking together every day in college. It hurts like anything. I cannot believe she shares her laughs with someone else. I can’t share her. She is mine” you pause. I realise how deeply heartbroken you are.

Our coffee arrives. The guy, who serves us, gives us a weird look. He has noticed the tears in your eyes too. You have nothing to do with the world though. You are just putting your heart out and you have all my attention again.

But that grey checked shirt you are wearing, and your perfectly ruffled hair, the baggy blue jeans and white soiled sneakers, everything about you is irresistible; makes me just stare at you and admire you.

“She had beautiful long hair. I remember how she always left them dancing with the wind” you tell. I wonder if my hair reminded you of that. But I dismiss the thought. “I really love her. I can’t see her with him every day.” You are saying.  “I remember her skin, that black spot near her lip, and how beautiful she looked when she smiled. All our memories are so special. I just can’t begin to hate her or forget her.”

I am sipping my coffee in intervals; nodding as I listen. My right hand is resting upon yours. I simply want to let you know I am always there for you in every way. But, I don’t think you’ve ever gotten the clue. And I am sure you won’t get it even now. “Stay strong! It’s her misfortune that she couldn’t take your love.” I say. Right now, I want to do everything that will make you calm and comfortable to help you forget the sorrow of your girlfriend of six years breaking up with you.

You’ll move on, I know.

I have moved on from you too.

You pay the bill at the counter. We get up and walk out of the café.

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