The summer winds were blowing strong and dry, like the deserts. She was parched and the water didn’t help. She needed much more to take it all, from the throat, from the heart. She longed to belong.


It was a new day. Early morning breeze was soothing. The fall made the roads look shady. The songs made it cheerful. Everyday ride to that place had become monotony but the kind of calm she would feel after seeing him was worth it all. The fractures in her fantasies were filled with gazes from afar.


The routine had vexed her. She desired a steady affinity with the darkness and him. She wanted life to take a spin. Be like it earlier was, before she drenched into the crow of the society. She wished to go back to something that wouldn’t have changed. She let it run through her veins, the melancholy of all the days of low vanity. With pain all over the place, she left.


Those brief moments when their eyes met made the butterflies roll inside her belly all over again. It was the same feeling like it had been years ago. This nevertheless had an essence of its own, a guilt hidden and a blush even. But butterflies die soon, both in real and in the stomach. She knew she would have to pull back. She left but leaving there her heart.


She slept for hours, she wept for days. No one knew what caused the pain. Hidden in the house, she was at gain but moist eyes, messed up hair and the socks were all in vain.


Happy is all she was. Loss null, profit one. Her heart was in the right place. Her mind, even better. All she looked up for was the nights. She was going to conquer all. The nightmares didn’t stand a chance. It was time for the hopes to vanquish and the troubles to not.


The mirror told a new story today. She was elated. The anxiety had died a natural death. He had come and gone, making her relive all she had lost. That’s what they call magic she recalled, love is all that it really was!


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