Field Times

Field Times

Field trips are a necessity when you are studying a subject like Geology. It is all about studying the rocks, minerals, their tectonics, structures, fossil contents etc. So when I took up this subject I was more attracted to the idea of going out in the wild and practically looking at all these events which have occurred way before any form of life existed on Earth.

This year around we visited a small area of the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. Mainly focussing on the Deccan Traps and the underlying rocks, we mapped the small village of Kankavli and Phonda Ghat.

Our day included breakfast at the bus stand of Phonda Ghat-usually a tiny vada pav and chai. Our lunch every day was two slices of bread with jam eaten somewhere on the field while the dinner was always a fish or chicken thali served in a local little place beside our lodge. What made all this enjoyable was the company of people who never made the laughter stop.

Geologically, this area was appealing. We got to see the contacts between the oldest metamorphic rocks with the overlying sedimentary and then the Deccan Traps. We traced a ‘dyke’ intruding the sedimentary rocks and also an ‘inlier’ where the surrounding rock had been eroded exposing the underlying Igneous rock.

We walked along the Ugavati river where the bright blue kingfishers danced along with the flowing waters and the rocks between them gave away shreds of evidence of the ancient topography. Coupled with the scenic nature and a bunch of amazing people, this trip was the coolest one this year.

The dipping Sandstone beds
The shiny exposure of Lore Shales
Basalts along the banks of River Ugavati
Cross-Bedding was seen in Sandstone
Spellbinding exposure of Stretched Pebbly Conglomerate
My group sitting atop Sandstone where we found its contact with Igneous Rock
What makes any trip fun is the people you are with. This one was a crazy bunch.

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