You have yourself & that’s enough! 

You have yourself & that’s enough! 

We have a notion about love since our childhood. It is not just the society we live in but also the influence movies have had in our lives. We are filled with the idea of being in love. Everyone around us talks about the romance, the fairy tale, the sacrifices and how only love from another person can truly save us. We are blinded by the thought that gaining love and giving love is the ultimate goal of our life. Everything else can sort itself out. However, we are never really told about a small thing called ‘self-love’. No movie teaches it, no- one talks about it, other than some self-help blogs maybe. Nobody tells us how important it is to accept and love ourselves before we can even jump on to the idea of loving someone else.

This makes us want to fall in love with all the wrong people who disturb our ikigai and make our life miserable. Although we have ourselves to blame for this, the society and the mentality that we have been brought up in is also partly responsible.

Love is an unconditional feeling. But it doesn’t have to be about one specific person. Love is in small things. It is when you get home from a tiring workday and your cat expresses her happiness by brushing her head against your legs. Or when your mother listens to all the complaints you have with the world and hugs you to sleep. Or when your father takes you out for a fancy Italian dinner to lift your mood because he knows how much you like that cuisine. It is in the unfailing belief of your close friend who doesn’t hesitate to listen to your rants even at 3 in the night. Yes, that is love – found in the smallest of things.

There’s so much to love in the life you have, simply by deciding who is worth being a part of it and who needs to be cut off. Let the toxicity go. You don’t really need anyone to fix it, but yourself.

That can never be the case!

It is important to give time to heal and believe that nothing and no one can disturb the inner peace. It is extremely important to be the reason for your own happiness.

When everything fails, you’ve only got yourself.

Only you can pick yourself up and carry on to a better day..

so you must, be your own happiness.

5 responses to “You have yourself & that’s enough! ”

  1. Wow!
    Indeed an amazing read. The last paragraph was exceptionally intense.
    This was exactly what I needed before New Year.
    Thank you so much for this.
    (P. S I hope you are in quora, would love to follow you.)


    • Hey Soorej, am glad my words resonated with you. Wish you a Happy New Year.
      Am not on Quora, but you can follow my blog here 🙂


      • Heyyy,
        Wish you to a very Happy New year 🙂
        Since you are an awesome writer i would just like to suggest you to explore quora if you haven’t yet. You will definitely fall in love with the experience.
        Stay blessed. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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