A letter from my Earth boyfriend

A letter from my Earth boyfriend

Dear Mangi,

It has been so long. I miss you. It is a weird world here. India is just a part of it but it is so huge and full of life that I feel India is itself the Earth. But I met a man with big round spectacles and he told me there are bigger places outside India. And that is all Earth. I wish to see it all someday, with you.

Everyone is fighting here to reach somewhere, although I can’t really figure out where they’re headed. There was a lady in saffron clothes who told me everyone is trying to find happiness and content. But I could hardly understand her as I kept looking at hundreds of brown beads that rested on her neck.

They fight about the castes; some for it & some of it. They fight about the politics, about the men and women who rule and they fight for movie actors too. There are occasional riots, burning of buses and tyres in public and sometimes pelting of stones too. Children get molested and there are fights for feminism. Their society has always undermined women, I found out. But, they aren’t all that bad. They flood the temples, donate, help the poor and have humanity. They ask a painted rock for forgiveness and justice. I do not understand the logic here, but I am trying hard, Mangi. I really am.

I stand with them when they are united to protest against rape but I have noticed how they overlook the injustice the women in their homes suffer.

Respect doesn’t come easily. There are judgements. They categorise. They are patriotic & never tolerate anything that is said against the country. But, they are hypocrites too and proud of it. There are occasional moments when I salute the flag with them but then they also confess to corruption and cheating. It is overwhelming to see so many souls exist in tandem and yet messy. I have learnt some ways of their society and I feel like this is where I belong.

The schedule is pretty hectic. Like me, everyone runs throughout the day. We have to work, to earn, to eat, to drink, to worry, to crib, to rant, to judge, to fight, to make a life. Little do we know that life is happening to us when we are busy trying to make it.

And in spite of all this, I wish you were here and I could show you what a beautiful place this is. There are tall mountains, long rivers and deep blue oceans. But the jungles-they make me feel like am home, beside you. It feels like the universe has balanced out its emptiness by overloading Earth with all its treasures.

The living things are intriguing here but only the stars speak to me every night when I lie on the terrace of my apartment wondering where you would be.

I am coming soon, sweetheart, to get you here on Earth. I can’t wait for us to start our life together.

There are a lot of things you won’t like here, I know. We have to do this though. I have become a part of Earth now and this is where I belong. And trust me, you will grow up to the ways of this messed up world too. We will be a part of this magical madness and it is going to be one hell of a ride. But, I promise you that I won’t run for the destination like others. I know a little secret now, ‘the journey is all we have‘.



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