The Story of Fe-Saponite

Fe-Saponite is a mineral belonging to the Smectite group. This mineral is found dominantly in marine settings on Earth. The Smectite group minerals have also been reported from the surface of Mars. DOES THIS MEAN THERE IS/WAS WATER ON MARS?!!!

As shown in this documentation, Fe-Saponite is reported at Bhuleshwar, a Ghat in the Deccan Traps which are located on the western side of India. This documentation of Fe-Saponite in the Basalts, i.e. terrestrial environment has been done for the first time. This needs further investigations to establish a relationship with the marine occurrences of Smectite minerals as well as that reported from Mars.

A small attempt at making a documentary for the first time. This documentary also won us the first prize at an Intercollegiate Geology Fest. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Watch it here: The Story of Fe-Saponite

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