Something on a May-day

Something on a May-day

*9.49 pm*

currently crushing hard on Dua Lipa.

It is mid-May (so damn hot) and I am sitting in my room in Mumbai trying to think of ways I should begin my blog. I think I’ll just be abrupt.

Lately, I have been thinking about how exciting this phase of my life is. I know I have boasted enough about my move to Mumbai and how I’m enjoying living here by myself in my last post, but I am still going to go ahead and talk about it here.

This old building, the wooden stairs that lead up to my little room, the single bed I sleep on or the cupboard that is too small for all the clothes that I’ve stuffed in, has already taken a special place in my memories.

And, it is not just the place I live at or the place I work at. It is so much more. It is about the feeling, of being carefree, independent and happy. I can’t remember the last time I was this happy.

I know for a fact that when I get older and look back at this phase, I am going to miss it terribly. The kind of freedom I feel right now is exciting, to say the least.

So many adventures waiting to happen and I am ready for them.

Weather-wise, it has been getting hotter every day and I can’t wait for the rains to hit the city. Although I spent most of my summer- vacationing, coming back to a hot and sweaty Mumbai hasn’t been all that comfortable. I have heard how beautiful Mumbai rains are & I really am curious to see/ feel them soon.

The summer vacation that I just mentioned about has been to two very diverse places. First, I took a week off to tour Dubai with my parents. There is so much more I want to say about the trip, but maybe in another blog post. The other trip I took was to the forest of Dandeli in Karnataka. It was a wildlife camp where we got to kayak and play in the river, take a safari ride inside the jungle and live amongst the wild.

While the Dubai tour showed me an extremely urbanized part of the world, Dandeli took me to rural India. I was living at a river-side resort, watching star-lit skies on long windy nights in the company of a new friend and the commotion of 20 kids. These have been two truly memorable trips of summer 2018. Although, I hope to see many more places in the next few months.

However, like every good thing, the vacation had to end too. I got back to Mumbai and resumed my work.

I have become friends with some of the colleagues and I’ve had a fun time hanging out with them. We went out to a very shady-but-chic bar of South Bombay. We also went for an improv comedy night where one friend performed. It was filled with an insane amount of laughter.

At work, I’m still trying to understand the company and I guess I’m catching up. Getting there, slowly.

Right now, it’s time to have another juicy Mango (third one tonight) and a replay of Dua Lipa’s songs.

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