*09.05 pm*

can you get high on a city? umm..yes!

I am trying to find words to describe how amazing the last few weeks have been. I got super drunk with my senior colleagues (the bosses, yes!) on a Monday night! A night where everyone present was literally rolling on the floor laughing for hours together. One of my most memorable nights in the city.

The weekend before, I had been to a nearby rafting spot on river Kundalika with my friends from work. It was the much-needed monsoon getaway in the company of some new friends who are no less than amazing!

I have had happiest nights of my life sitting by Marine Drive all night long, looking at the colours of sea change every minute. I’ve had crazy evenings driving through the suburb streets just to explore some quiet spots in this highly populated city.

Since the day I arrived in this sparkling hell of a place, nothing has been a cliché’. Every day, every night and every moment has been exciting and full of newness- may it be happy or sad- the struggles of living by yourself are real.

I have come to realize how important it is to let the inhibitions down, to go back to the basic levels of oneself and feel the sheer joy of just being alive.

I am in love with the kind of person I have become. I have let down all my inhibitions and I am loving every moment of life. I am going through an exciting journey of discovering myself, making moments matter and exploring the true meaning of joy.

And I think, the city and the people I have met here have been a big part of this journey. So when I think of this city Mumbai, joy is all I can think of associating with it. They call it a city of dreams, but for me, it is a city of letting go all the chains and discovering a certain sense of peace that is found in the middle of all the hustle and excitement.

I am high on life almost every moment in this city.

Ok, enough with the chirp. Bye!

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