Hello, October

Hello, October

Quick life update: I’m in love!

Oh yes! After a year full of sobbing over a failed relationship, and reading about self-love, I am finally, FINALLY in love- with myself. As it is commonly said, only after the true acceptance of self can one truly love someone else. I believe that I have come a long way in being a whole myself and have met someone who doesn’t complete me (for I don’t need to be) but compliments my wholeness.

Also, I realise I haven’t written anything for a while- a huge mistake. In my defence, I’m a procrastinator, and I have also been caught up with work. So, I have had less time and will to sit down and publish my unfiltered thoughts.

However, I have re-discovered the motivation to write and here I am.

If I wouldn’t have had a weak memory, I would have written about everything that happened in the last few weeks. Since that is not the case, here’s a brief recap;

I have done a lot of reading and writing about the Electricity act, government policies, reforms, the mobile first approach in UX design or how to track user behaviour with heat maps etc. In fact, a few articles I wrote were recently published in magazines and newspapers (I’m so proud!!). A lot more to come in the weeks ahead, hopefully.

Apart from work, personal life has blossomed and how. Last October I would have mocked anyone who told me I’d be this positive and mentally content. But well, someone I met has made me see everything differently and positively. And I am making no plans for the future, no hopes and expectations. Simply living the ‘NOW’ to the fullest.

Here’s me sending some love and warmth from the October-heat of Mumbai.


One response to “Hello, October”

  1. We should forget the past, we cannot change it, neither we should focus on the future, we cannot predict it, we should focus on the present because that’s what will decide our future.


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