Diwali, 2018

There is a lot of catching up to do on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing for the last month.

Although it is not quite necessary to put it on my blog, I feel happy and oddly satisfied to have my thoughts organized, relive the events that happened over the week (or sometimes, over the month)and recollect moments that I must have missed pondering over, in the hustle of my daily routine.

More importantly, I do it because I know it will bring a smile on my face when I read these blogs in the future. It is a way of keeping a record and documenting all the details of my journey of life.

In my last blog, I had expressed my excitement about my upcoming trip to a shrine in North India. And as expected, it was a blissful experience. Especially because I went on this trip with someone whose company I enjoy the most. Solo trips must be cool, I’m sure. But travelling with someone you love being around gives the journey a whole new meaning.

Apart from discovering qualities and characteristics we love and hate about our companion, we also discover ourselves in ways we never knew were possible. We explore the world around us with a new perspective and it makes all the difference.

This was the first of many more  travels to come. I’m looking forward to many more with double the excitement.

Sharing some moments from our trip.

on reaching the railway station after a 32-hour train journey, a chilly evening awaited us in Amritsar

Snaps from day one-

The first night at Amritsar was amazing as we gorged on the street food served right across our home. The Chicken Malai Momos were the tastiest of momos I have ever had. The next day was even more beautiful as we visited the Partition museum- where we heard heart-breaking stories of our nation’s past, witnessed Ranjit Singh’s bravery at the light show of Guru Gobindgarh fort and roamed around the markets buying kataars and talwaar- the famous possessions of Sikh people. It ended with an evening show at the Wagah Atari border by the men in uniform. This is one of the borders India shares with Pakistan and a message of brotherhood, peace and love is all over. Loved the experience!

Snaps from day two-

This trip exposed my ignorant self to the Punjabi culture, Sikhism and what makes Punjabis the coolest, most fun and warm people ever!

Until next time, Amritsar. I loved you 😀

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