keeping it short, Jan 2019

keeping it short, Jan 2019

*11.40pm* extremely sleepy but forcing myself to write this because I really want to be regular at my blog.

Just when I had decided to take my writing seriously and be regular at blogging, I am about to fail. It is the mid of the first month of the year and I haven’t written anything. Is it just me or does everyone else also fail at not following up on their new year resolutions within 15 days?

Anyway, I do have a lot of story ideas but I have not been able to find the time (or make it) to sit down and write.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been super busy at work. I’ve also been caught up with planning my trip to Himachal. I can’t wait to jump in all the snow!

Apart from that, I have taken an important step in life for personal growth by starting daily meditation. I can’t really boast of its results yet, but I do feel positive and motivated to wake up every day and start my day with a cheerful mood. My health has been getting better too!

Last weekend, I went home to Pune and met a lot of friends. I was quite happy to see everyone after a long time. I also spent an amazing morning having breakfast with my parents. We spoke for more than an hour about many random things and it was the most special moment of my week. I realized how much I missed them. I am eternally thankful to the universe for my family, friends, and my Cat.

Well, it is almost midnight and I should be sleeping so I can wake up in time for work tomorrow. So, keeping it short today.

New year wishes to all. Night!

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