What a March!

*7.02 pm* Last few days have been quite disturbing. Some lessons, some beautiful moments and a crazy puke-filled night.

Last week, I took an important decision about my career and it has resulted in some (serious) repercussions. Argh! No point building up the suspense. I quit my job. One of the many reasons to do so was, it wasn’t making happy anymore. Another one being, my health, which is getting worse by the day due to the hectic commute and having restaurant food daily.

Ever since I chose writing as my probable career, I have been wanting to write stories (my stories), and put them out in the world. But that doesn’t just happen in a day, so I shifted to Mumbai and took up a content writing gig at a corporate firm. Its almost been a year that I’ve been working here, and I believe that it is time to move on to something that will take me closer to my dream. Obviously, the job has helped me polish my language skills and helped me learn a lot, but like Bunny from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani said :

Kahin pohchne ke liye kahin se nikalna bohot jaruri hota hai, sahi waqt pe kat lena chahiye nahi to gile shikwe hone lagte hai…

Well, the gile shikwe i.e. quarrels and arguments have already happened. I’ve made my boss really angry. I’m now supposed to work for the next 90 days and (like my parents have ordered me to) get home. But home isn’t going to last for long- probably a tiny break. I’m hopeful for whatever comes next, hopeful that it will take me to where I’m intended to go!

Luckily, it hasn’t been just me. Things at work have been stressful for a bunch of us. So me and some of my co-workers (or lets call them friends) went out for drinks last weekend. What started as a fun and lets-bitch-about-work night ended up being the most terrifying night of our lives. Let me tell you in short: there was some Vodka (or loads of it), then there was some public puking at a mall, we had two people pass out in the open, who we had to lift up and put in the car (literally). Yes, this scene happened and we had more than 100 spectators. It was quite entertaining!

Thankfully, I was one of the only two sober people but that didn’t help with all the embarrassment. Haha! what a memorable evening.

After all of this I needed a day to relax and I opted for cat therapy. I visited the Cat Cafe Studio near my house, sipped on some cold coffee, and had an amazing time with lots of cats and a dear friend.

This week began on a decent note. I have lots of work writing to do(the only thing I enjoy) and that has kept me busy as well as distracted from how bored I am with my workplace environment. I am planning to catch up on some new web-shows and movies in the next few days. Might put out a review soon.

Until then, sharing a super adorable moment that melted my heart!

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