a month so mixed up

*3.30 pm* I dislike summers. Where I stay, summers burn your skin like you’ve bathed with fire, or worse. It is probably my least favourite season. And you know what, it has only started. I wonder how hot its going to get in next two months. Or three.

Last week, I had to work only for three days, so I spent a long weekend back home, cuddled with my mau and slept well after a really long time.

March has been a mix of events and emotions, anxiety and healing, complaints and gratitude.

After two ‘extremely’ turbulent weeks, the third week of March brought along a happy news. I can’t reveal it yet, but I can definitely tell how grateful it made me feel for everything I have. I guess I’m finally understanding why certain things happen at a certain time and how important it is to embrace every moment as it comes.

I have also missed out on reading for a long time now. I plan to catch-up on it in the month of April.

I have planned many things to do in the next couple of months (first one- buying a domain) hoping all goes well.

I’ll also be going to Kerala soon for a cousin’s wedding- so excited about that. I’m definitely writing a travel blog on it.

Also, few days ago, I started an Instagram page for my blog and I’ve been posting all my old stories from the Quick Fiction category. Do follow if you’d like Instagram updates of my blog. I hope to keep on writing good stories.


And hello, April.
How are YOU going to be?

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