Day to day

*3.20 pm* Sneaked 10 minutes off of work (from my NEW office!) after two whirlwind kind of weeks, because I had to write this. And oh! I’ve started cooking.

I was quite excited about joining my new workplace when I wrote my last blog. It has been 15 days since and I wonder where time has gone by. I have been swamped with work since day 1 here. With the price I get paid, this should be expected, right?

Over the last two weeks, I did not get enough time to write but I have had many thoughts. So let’s rewind a bit.

I attended a comedy gig of one of my favorite stand-up comedians (also my crush since three years) Rohan Joshi. My cheeks were red the entire time (I don’t remember being so starstruck, ever) and they hurt from all the laughing. It was a great evening. Next morning was my first day at the new workplace. Everyone seemed sweet (unexpected after what I’ve experienced in the last one year) and I started off with a couple of tasks. But, the workload increased drastically and it was just yesterday that I finally finished some of the tasks I had been given on day one. I am learning the ropes, so I think I’m going to like it here. Plus life is much more easier now because home to work is just a 10-minute commute. I have been getting back home before sunset and getting ample time to cook my dinner everyday. That’s growth. I not only get enough time to relax and watch a serial or movie, but I also get a more than 7 hours of sleep. This is ideal.

I also went home on the weekend and had a fun time with mau and my friends, Samadnya, Apoorva and Rishabh (Thank you for existing guys!)

It was Mother’s Day last Sunday and I didn’t wish my mom in spite of being home with her the entire day. In fact, we fought the moment I woke up because we just annoy each other beyond anything. I think my mother and I have a very passive-aggressive relationship. There’s love, lots of it but we don’t express it as much. We argue over every little thing and yet, I call her every evening to ask her how many onions to add in the curry or something. I know it is not particularly healthy for either of us to be arguing so much (trust me, Dad has completely given up trying to maintain the calm between us) but it isn’t all that bad either. I love how our relationship is, and I don’t wish to work on making it better. No matter what happens, I know I have her back and she knows she can talk to me for hours about every topic in the world (except my boyfriends, of course – she has her reasons though). As if it is an unsaid rule, or maybe she just knows me well, she didn’t care if I wished her a Happy Mother’s Day or not. She is my most important person, no matter how badly we’ve fought and she is always the first number I dial in any situation. Here’s a virtual hug to my mother, (I’m too proud to give one in real, so you know, this should work).

Alright, break’s over!

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