routine is okay

*6.28 pm* sneaking in a few minutes to write about an average week.

Last few weeks have been about working 9 hours a day, sleeping for 9 hours at night, only to wake up and head back to work again. Cyclic. Plus, coffee consumption has increased a lot. Its been really bland past few days. Oddly, I am liking it.

On the previous weekend, my parents finally came to visit me (after more than a year of my moving out) at my Mumbai apartment. It was their 27th marriage anniversary so I took them to a nice diner, spent some time on the beach and then headed on to meet some relatives before they went back. It was a fun little weekend before I got back to the work-sleep cycle.

Mommy Daddy with me on their 27th wedding anniversary

Last weekend, I went back home and spent three whole days cuddling and playing with my mau (my cat). She’s the most adorable thing ever.

Best nap ever

I also attended a family function where I met my cousins and relatives after months. I laughed till my cheeks hurt. Embarrassed myself with my cousins by publicly dancing to an old Hindi song. It was one of the happiest evenings after months.

Sisterz all decked up

Nothing more to talk about today other than how I am working my a$$ off everyday and crash in bed as soon as am home. It is exhausting but also extremely satisfying when I tick that “mark complete” button on my tasks for the day. I sleep peacefully after a productive day and that’s all that matters currently.

Next weekend, I might go for a picnic with some friends so that’s something to look forward to. That’s it for today. Ti-Ding!

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