smells like metal

*4.50 pm* Maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne chunesapne, surile sapne

My office is in a campus full of warehouses & workshops. It doesn’t feel like 2019 when you walk-in here.

It transports me to a quiet afternoon on a work day from late 90s when I would miss school for being sick & Dad would take me to his office in MIDC. I remember it being a sunny, breezy day with the sun and the leaves making shadow patterns on the empty road. Machines rambling in the background, sparks flying from a nearby welding work and the smell of molten metal. Smell. Oh! such a strong trigger to evoke memories.

I stepped outside my office today to take a break and I heard a soft tune of an old hindi song coming from the next-door workshop. Two men were welding some metal and that smell arose nostalgia. I stood there, leaning on a bike, sipping coffee as a whiff of wind blew all over. In that moment I wished I was a little kid again, accompanying Dad to work.

Last week, I had decided to take things slow and not work myself up. Progress so far? Zilch. I read half a book out of two, I did not go mid-night cycling and I am waiting for my salary to be credited so I can sign up for the dance workshop. I didn’t even take that random leave from work to do nothing. Work, in fact, has doubled up, you see. But that’s cool. Nothing is supposed to go as per the plan. It is a continuous process & I’ll keep trying. Plus, things might get better this week with some ₹ coming in.

That’s all for my random mid-week update, guys. Have a happy week!!!

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