I rented and moved in to a new apartment a week ago. Its been a smooth transition. Also, I might be understating how frickin’ excited I am about living here. Haha! I am over the moon. I love my new house. Have been browsing Pinterest for a over month to decide the decor. Best part of the house – there is a full kitchen – have taken up the ladle and started making my own dinner everyday. I have failed, won’t deny but I am finally doing it.

After I moved in & began organising stuff, I realized that I am more similar to my parents than I thought. Just like them, I am an obsessive cleaner and organiser. I don’t stop unless the surface I’m cleaning is utterly spotless. I usually wouldn’t give this a second thought but today, I was at work and all I kept thinking about was some unorganised & unclean things at home like that jar of water sitting in the sink and not on its usual spot or the gas pipe with a thin layer of dirt that requires a quick dusting. Yes, I am obsessed with wanting things to be clean, neat and organized (and proud of it!). I thought of reading up about a possible deep psychological reason behind it, turns out there is.

A certain 2015 CNN report by Allyssia Alleyne suggests that organization tends to create a more peaceful, serene and calm environment for many people. Those who are thought of as ‘neat freaks’ apparently find it somewhat therapeutic to organize because doing so brings a sense of peace and serenity.

I couldn’t agree more.

The opposite of organization is chaos and although ‘Chaos is a ladder’ (lol) I believe that chaos leads to non-productivity & I don’t really relate with that. I prefer knowing my surroundings all the time rather than the surroundings constantly changing on me. It is important for me to be aware and in control of things rather than letting things come as a surprise or a shock. So, if there is any kind of psychology behind being clean, neat and organized, it has to do with avoiding the chaos to gain peaceful serenity. Well, I can live with that.

Happy to have learnt something new about myself today. Should do it more often.

Do you like cleaning and organizing too? Or know any fun trivia about psychology behind the need to be organized? Let me know in the comments.

P.S. Back at my blog after 12-weeks. I don’t know why I had stopped writing. I was just going through a writer’s block maybe. Today I just felt like typing away some thoughts so here we are.

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