Turning 26!

It isn’t as incredible as they make it sound.

*11.38 am* cloudy & gloomy; Current Month – January, Feels like – June.

I remember, as a child when I was put in daycare, this old aunty would teach us many prayers and shlokas. One prayer had a line that said, ‘dear god, help us grow up fast’ (the Marathi translation sounds better). I never understood why exactly were we praying to grow up, wasn’t it going to happen naturally? I still did it, I prayed. I mean who’d dare disobey the strict aunty, right? But here I am, somewhat grown up, realising that the adult world is utter bullshit. It is boring, let me warn you, and exhausting, than what I had imagined it to be. As an adult you constantly have to fulfill someone’s expectations of you and also try to do what you wish. How do you tread those waters without disappointing one or the other you tell me. End rant.

I celebrated the New Year’s Eve lying in my bed, almost asleep. I cut my mandatory birthday cake at midnight and went back to bed. And to everyone who gets excited when I tell my birthday is on 1st of January, umm, shut up! Nobody likes combined celebrations, okay? Some even forget its my birthday and wish me Happy New Year first. That’s just unfair.

On 1st, I had a long lunch with my best one, who I disagree with on most things. Sam and I are heading in different directions in our lives. She, marriage and I, well I’ll tell you shortly. Here are some good pictures from our time together.

The day ended with a nice dinner with my parents.

It wasn’t as exciting a day as I would have wanted it to be but it wasn’t bad either. I guess birthdays aren’t as fun when you grow up. I am grateful.

As soon as the birthday melancholy was over, I had to start shopping and packing my bags. I am moving to the UK to finally pursue a course in writing.

I think that explains my absence from blog writing for the last two months. I spent an overwhelming and amazing month in Mumbai, resigned from my job and with teary eyes, bid goodbye to the city and the people that housed me for the last three years. It will always remain extremely special for countless reasons.

That concludes today’s blog. I don’t know when I’ll be able to update again. It might come from the other side of the world as I begin a new phase of experiences in England, or something before I set off, talking about all the nerves.

Until then, wish you a Happy New Year 2021. Hope we get through the awful virus crisis soon.

Here’s a collection of some special moments from Nov-Dec 2020

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