The cat’s big move, ii

“Oh hello, Mrs Sprightley!

Oh hello, Sugar!

Would you like some tea?

Yes! With a drop of lemon in it.

Oh! And something to go with it?

Some cookies, please.

Cookiesssss? Lovelyyyyyy!

Back in December 2020, when I was still in Mumbai, Komal and I would enact this famous exchange from K3G in a British accent and have a good laugh! Two months and two flight cancellations later (thx to CORONA), I AM here, in England, in my cute little room. Finallyyyy, Lovelyyyyyy!

12 hours of flight and 2 hours of road journey later, I reached the cold and rainy Sheffield only to meet some of the warmest and most welcoming folks. From the friendly Pakistani cab driver, who told me he has been living in Manchester since ‘85 driving me through serene towns and countryside, telling names and norms of the places. To the God-sent Nan, a student from Thailand helping me carry my three heavy bags, or my classmates, Carlyn and Meilany who I’ve only virtually met until now, dropping off groceries because I’m in quarantine. It’s all good.

Jan & Feb, when I was still in Pune, I had the most chaotic, fun time. My course began on zoom and I started living from novel to novel, writing and reading every single day.

There was a weekend trip to Bhima. On another week mom and dad tested positive for Covid and recovered. All this while, Apmg and I roamed around making new friends and having some fun evenings out.

Then I took a trip to dance at the grand wedding of my best friend, Sam. What a memorable time! Some snaps from all of that –

Nothing more to say this week. Can’t wait to explore Sheffield on foot as soon as my stupid quarantine is over. Also hoping to get back to blogging here regularly. Ciao!

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