An update on marriage; why?

I got you with that title, didn’t I? Thanks for coming here anyway. You’re rare!

yeah, right.

This is an overdue life update

who asked for it?

I spoke to a guy I matched on a matrimony website

wait, what!? who?

*side eye*
some dude, seemed nice, but I don’t know if I want to get married yet

yes, of course not, you’re so young, but wait! what happened with some dude?

Oh! Just small talk, introductions etcetera. He seemed smart and kind and looked okay too

you seem smitten, why didn’t you go ahead?

Do I?

*a nod*

*a nod back* No, I am only impressed. Some dude already knows what he wants. I could marry him, but could he marry me? I don’t know what I want

Not my problem

It’s the lies in my profile, only those that are stupid to believe it, say hi. I should be honest about myself, quote Ann Quin like

read for pleasure
consider myself informed
sense of humour is important
enjoy discussing ideas
my best work is done when I’m not working
I am dominant
relationship with my family is fucked up
I am sophisticated
considered attractive
interested in marriage
liberal regarding sex
more of a dove than a hawk
my date should be psychologically weaker
I am optimistic
Pot and pop-pills are morally right
I drink regularly

this. It will be a filter; direct, uncultured but necessary. Mother would never approve.

you think THIS will get you some other dude? Two words; grow up

yeah, hide your nose in the books

Maybe I’ll learn to love the solitude

*excessive laughing and coughing* sure.

Tripticks is Ann Quin’s fourth and final novel. When I read it, I was immersed in her thoughts and lyrical prose. Even though I am many generations and many miles away, her writing made me feel like I was mulling on my own thoughts. Tripticks new edition is out tomorrow and you can get it here:

4 responses to “An update on marriage; why?”

  1. You are not the daughter of Sattyawadi Harishchandra, so no need to mention all facts in biodata
    “Don’t let them ‘know’, let them
    As there’s always bit more fun in surprises.😉


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