we’re at the end of another cycle

*10.04 am* have you noticed how this isn’t a weekly Wednesday blog anymore but mostly a write-whenever-i-am-in-the-mood thing? No? Just me? Ok.

I am going to propose an idea today. A friend shared an instagram page with me this morning, about a girl who documents her everyday life, just basic chores and it’s nice to watch, I’m all for documenting life. As soon as I buy a new phone, I’m doing it. Old phone screen was cracked six months ago when I dropped it face down on a sort-of a drunk night. Sorry mom, these things happen when you do 22-year old sh*t at 27.

I want to write a short story but I’m waiting for an idea to spark, a voice to emerge, so urgent and desperate, that it demands to be written.

Can I let this blog update be a random collation of things I want to do and things that I wish happen to me? Yes.

I have taken upon a ‘word of the day’ challenge. Any one person is allowed to tell me a word everyday and I write 100 words around it. I share the first two here because it’s a real thing I’m doing and I want to show it.

#1 Blossom you say, I need clarity so I ask what you mean by it. Can be anything, like the blossoming of a flower, you say. I don’t like how basic an idea that is. Ok, then do something with it, it’s up to you, you say. I nod and type something about cherry blossoms and spring, secretly wishing you never get to read it or you will know that I am, in fact, basic. A single yellow light from the lamp on my desk. You strum the ukulele to Tum jab pass aati ho by Prateek Kuhad. Thanks for setting up a nice writing mood, I say. You smile and f#ck up the lyrics. At least the tune’s right, I say. You get fake annoyed. Shut up, you say. I laugh. I blossom.

#2 Embrace is pure serotonin when you wrap your arms around me// your eyes do it before you, every time you see me// mother’s tight welcome after another year away from her// grandmother follows it with a kiss on the eyes// dad taps on the head, says take care with a heavy voice, he is bad at goodbyes// her eyes fill up with tears, that childhood friend of mine, oh how difficult friendships are, that have lasted a while// the cat tries to escape as I squish her in mine// I embrace myself as I sleep tonight.


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