My first online publication!

The Five Polaroids of Winter is a short story I wrote sometime in early-2022 after meeting real life twins of Moroccan descent at a covid testing site.

They were from Italy and worked as security at a Covid testing site where I was working part-time as a testing assistant. We only spoke about the usual hows and whys, discussed the weather and what brought us to this cold country. But, unlike so many people I meet everyday, I was engrossed in them. Why? (I am still trying to understand) I observed them closely and the way they spoke of each other, of the weather, of their passions, of their temporary jobs, of their family. I watched, understood, and registered their reactions in my head. It was like a switch had gone off and the Gods of Writing told me to make note of all their movements and expressions. I did as told.

Mundane and realistic, their nonchalance was fascinating. I knew I had to write them. I’m not even sure if they were all this or if it was just something my inspiration-seeking brain made up. One unique experience of meeting the first Moroccans I had ever met, who were also twins with all their similarities and differences, was good enough to light the fire in me to write something, anything. Or maybe it was because I was on a really dull shift on a beautiful autumn day and making up these characters to keep myself entertained was fodder, like everything is. I will never know. You will never know. Anyhow, this the story I wrote after I got back home. I could say more but it is an experience more than a story and it is best to dig in without knowing what to expect. Enjoy.

PS.: I was under a heavy spell of Mariana Enriquez’s work at this time. The Intoxicated Years was the first one I read and loved.


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