film reviews

Sheffield DocFest 2021

Jun by Sel MacLean

‘He uses death as a metaphor for the destiny of ceramics’

From the Wild Sea by Robin Petré

A poetic film that dives deep into the emerging Anthropocene era, where some humans frantically attempt to save nature from ruin.

Gunda by Viktor Kossakovsky avoids promoting any activism nor does it ask one to give up eating meat. It simply stays, and brings forth the ‘life’ behind the food we consume, in an artful, appealing way

Hanging On by Alfie Barker

The spaces we inhabit are more than just brick walls, they are our whole identities.

Ali and his Miracle Sheep by Maythem Ridha

Director Maythem Ridha captures the chaotic atmosphere of the pilgrimage beautifully while not losing the focus on Ali and his inner turmoil.

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