Hello. Welcome to the most edited page ever. About me. Bio. Profile – call it whatever you like, I hate writing it. I think my entire writing career is going to be about learning how to write a good bio.

But for now let’s settle with this: hi, I’m Nikita (Niki for some, Zank/Zanku/Zankar for others)

I studied Geology but writing was my true calling. The awakening happened when I was in Dehradun for a Geology internship. The details of it are hazy and a bit unclear but guess what, none of it matters.

I always knew it in my heart that I was better at day-dreaming and narrating than hammering and rock sampling. Writing was, since childhood, my escape and expression. Many instances of scribbling ideas, penning down thoughts and typing anecdotes later, I decided I wanted to do it full time. I took the leap, moved countries, and followed my creative calling. This blog is nothing but the documentation of it all.

I share weekly updates on what I’ve been up to, the books I’m reading and the people I’m meeting. I do fiction pieces and some amateur poetry too, sometimes. Have a look around!

That’s all then.

If you want to share feedback, give advice, recommend books or say hi – I’m here – bonus points if you know a cool fact about sea scorpions or the andromeda.

A morning in Ladakh, 2017
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