Travel, you idiot.

Travel, you idiot.

I wrote this short paragraph back in 2012 and it has proved to be my travel motivation since then. Maybe, it can do something for you too. Cheers 🙂

Travel has been by far my most favourite hobby. Travel teaches you in a way no human ever can. Travel isn’t a person, a thing to be lived with; it is like movies, it comes with short intervals. Travel makes you meet people. It shows you humanity, true friendship, sometimes hate and utter disappointment; sometimes it makes you meet your soul mate, and sometimes maybe, yourself. It shows you people from different walks of life, varied cultures and ages, each having a story of their own, coping with their own hardships with their diverse outlooks. Travel not only makes you meet people, but it shows you crowded trains, some very plush and some very uncomfortable flights. It takes you by the narrow village roads by the buses or also the lavish cars and jeeps. You never know, it might also give you a bullock cart ride. Travel takes you through surprises. It makes you happy, gives you bliss; sometimes it worries and irritates you, scares you to death, worse than a rollercoaster and teaches you to survive. Travel is sometimes out of sheer boredom, an escape from a wretched routine, a tearful heartbreak, or simply for fun. It shows you narrow village streets, vastly stretched highways, scary yet scenic railway routes and fancy airports. Travel takes you up to the mountains, some snow-capped, some lush green flowing with thousands of streams and rivers. Travel throws you on the beaches, to see the dynamism of the sea, the beauty of the orange liquid sun when it goes down the horizon or the mobbed streets of a famous city. Travel takes you to discovered and undiscovered places alike. It makes you live in a tent and sleep in the warmth of a sleeping bag, make your own food and survive. While it also takes you to lavish hotels, huge bedrooms with king-sized beds and chef made swanky food. Travel can be a beautiful, peaceful journey or it can be a hectic, tiresome time. It’s both relief and regret. It is still something soothing and occurring. It completes the struggle; it makes you feel good and light. It makes you float with the clouds and bangs you back to the ground. Travel, because you deserve it, your type of travel, a tent or a hotel travel, a mountain or a beach travel, a city or a jungle travel. Lift a back-pack, and go out there. Experience it. There is no better teacher than a Travel.

So travel, you idiot. Those two feet of yours were not meant to be stuck in one place. Go on. Explore.

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