Damn you, 2017!

Damn you, 2017!

*10.06 pm* In a great mood to write about the year that went by. So here we go..

The year for me started off with a quiet, romantic candlelit dinner with someone who meant the world to me. A birthday wish and a funny kiss as John Legend’s “All of me” played in the background. Today, with 4 days for the year to end, I find myself sitting in front of this laptop screen wondering how things changed drastically in the last 361 days.

This year I travelled a lot with my friends and family. In January it was Rajasthan; followed by a small trip to Goa for a Geology fest where the documentary I and my classmates made, won and earned us a lot of applause. In July, I travelled to Ladakh which was the highlight of the year. The road trip through the rocky roads of Himalayas was a truly memorable experience. And then there was Goa again in October but this one was more of a chilling by the beach trip with the most fun company of my close friends. Apart from travel, I think it was an eventful year with respect to work too. I completed my master’s degree in Geology with good grades and a pretty good dissertation work. I also organized and successfully celebrated my parents’ 25th marriage anniversary and danced with my best friends at the same. I also attended my cousin’s wedding where I had a blast. And to top it all, I also got a job as a Content Writer at an advertising agency. Although I still haven’t figured out what to exactly do with my career, this job is quite interesting for me at the moment. I also went to see a meteor shower- Geminid to be specific and it was one unforgettable night.

On the first day of August, I got home my little kitten and I don’t think I’ve experienced a purer form of love than the one you feel for your pet. She changed everything. My parents and I have become deeply attached and obsessed with her. It was the best decision I made in 2017!

With so much happening this year, I have also been sad and lonely for most part because I went through a heartbreak. It broke me to a level I never wish to fall again. But I believe in the ‘phoenix rises from the ashes’ philosophy and like to think that the hurt only made me stronger. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

I’m a lot happier now and I am looking forward to starting the New Year in the company of a bunch of friends, laughter and a lot of alcohol. I am hoping to get stronger and better. Also, my resolution for the New Year is to travel somewhere by myself. I have already made all the plans (and savings!) for it.

Wishing everyone out there, but mostly to myself a HAPPY New Year 2018.

Here’s to hope.


5 responses to “Damn you, 2017!”

      • Oh Nikita, as to how beautiful, do you seem to be, for my love, I’d now see you wearing a dress so red, only to walk on water, but only if you’d smile, and Oh I’d see your shadow, among the cripples, so many and oh there you were! I looked at the sky, the sun was setting, oh by love it was just you, for your shadow, adorned the land, while you beautified the the sky, but only if you’d smile!
        This was a small thing, I wrote! 🙂

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      • I can write more, but this is enough for a first time! Take care of yourself, and don’t let anyone tell you, you’re not beautiful, for you’re. Just the way you’re.

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