Fresh February Feels

Fresh February Feels

*8.03 pm* such a cool title, I know.

Amidst the fresh February feels and a head full of daydreams, I drove to work with my morning routine songs playing on a loop on the radio. Apart from the ghastly mail from the boss that dropped in everyone’s mailbox a night before and the mid-week foul moods, nothing was unusual.

So to give you a context, I’m blabbering about the day I quit my job.

At the end of the day, I walked up to my boss and announced that I won’t be working anymore. Doing this to your first job isn’t really a thing to be proud of but I guess it is quite an adventure too. There were multiple reasons behind doing such a daring act. I had been going through a lot of pressure at work and bringing a frustrated mood to home every night not only affected my mental peace but also the physical side of health. I HAD to take a decision. So on 14th of February (yes, valentine’s), I gathered all my guts, walked into my boss’s cabin and finally dropped the ball. After 5 months of content writing, social media managing, part-time photographing and video shooting, & a bit of partying, I quit my first job. One truly tedious but a liberating experience, I must say.

Although there was a faint realisation that I won’t be earning anything for another month or two until I find some work, it was a really good feeling. I felt like I was set free and I could fly higher.

The weekend, however, was fun as I attended the wedding of an old friend. It was exciting to be a part of the wedding of someone I’ve grown up with and enjoy it with all the others I grew up with. And as another week started, I went back to camping as a volunteer for a school outing at a place called Sajan, located near the Maharashtra-Gujarat border.

The most thrilling part of the week was my best friend, ‘S’ winning a beauty pageant and it was kind of a big deal.

So here I am today, on an odd Thursday evening, a week after I quit my job, back from an exciting outing with a bunch of memories, a case of sore legs and a messy dirty hairdo. The body ache can be excused though because I went outdoors as a volunteer after a really long time and it was a memorable camp. I made some new friends among my co-volunteers and met some old ones too. I also had the best time dancing with little kids and hogging up a lot of good food. The fresh countryside air coupled with the commotion of little campers, or the nights playing card games and laughing aloud with my co-volunteers, made me see what I had been missing out on. It filled my heart with joy and content. I truly enjoyed this little break and felt lighter and happier when I got back.

I felt carefree and all the complicated sad things I had been involved in all this while did not feel unconquerable anymore. This outing happened to me at the right time and how!

Also, I plan to go to Mumbai next week to check about a course and my usual friends are definitely going to tag-along. It is going to be a fun little trip. Looking forward to it and everything that lies ahead (in life & otherwise).

Until then, I’ll be popping some fancy bright heels, sunglasses and a scarf as I plan the day we’ll be spending in Mumbai.

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