crinkles of love

crinkles of love

Day 1:

Dry and cold November arrived and I was eager to see you.

You were warm around my vulnerabilities and it felt like home.

Around you, it wasn’t an effort. Things happened naturally and you made promises. Promises I didn’t want to believe but I always did.

And then it had to fade because finding love isn’t easy anyway.

You withdrew and my soul felt empty, again.

I saved my self-respect and walked off.

I didn’t wait.

I couldn’t.

To hope, I was no more hanging on.

Day 2:

The sunny February breeze had started creeping in.

And one hour before we met, we had hit it off.

Connecting over iced-tea on the side of nachos was a first.

And it felt like home, again.

We laughed and screamed and got drunk on cheap alcohol. Guess I needed a friend, something really small.

Or maybe a lover, unbiased and tall.

You warned against it but I remember having cried in joy. For this time around, I wasn’t going to be a fool.

I had hated to be in that place all along.

Day 3:

A chilled beer on a sweltering evening of April was an ideal setting.

Beard that highlighted your jawline and those honey brown eyes got me interested in the first sight.

You could have been my type, but not for long.

Conversations over coffee were simply not our call.

We went unconventional with beer and bong and I had stopped looking for a home after all.

We laughed at killers and it didn’t feel wrong.

What was I looking for in love? I could never understand the form.

It happens when you aren’t looking for it, they said.

But, for once, I had a hope to find it when I had been looking for it for so long.

*Dedicated to three wonderful people I have had the pleasure of knowing*

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