out of the world

out of the world

Lean, tanned and sweaty, a man I uncomfortably stood beside had been staring at the ladies compartment of the train we were in for a long time. I felt disgusted with his behaviour. I was about to ask him to stop staring when he reached to his mobile and opened a recent chat. As a result of the proximity between us I could read from his phone while he typed “Are you comfortable? Is the woman beside you pushing you too much?” and sent it to the contact named Wife, an expression of worry flooding his face. He looked up, I followed. His gaze met a lady in the ladies compartment who glanced at her phone and couldn’t stop smiling. In that moment, she knew she had married the right man. She typed something on her phone and looked back at him.

I stood there, dumbstruck. Simply experiencing an out of the world moment in the confines of a crowded metal tube.


This story is a real incident that a friend recently experienced. I couldn’t stop myself from writing it down after hearing it. In a city like Mumbai where extreme rush and crowd don’t allow a couple to travel together everyday, it is moments like these that still keep them going. A simple text from the husband to his wife from across the train compartment only to ask if she was okay, melted her heart, and mine.

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