What’s been up?

What’s been up?

*01.17 pm*

usual wednesday afternoon at work..

It has hardly been four days since I moved in to a new place. I have shifted from the small south Bombay hostel room (my first self rented home in Mumbai) to a clean and cozy apartment at one of the most happening areas of Mumbai- Versova. The house is surrounded by lot of trees, parks, multiple eateries and peaceful residents. I’m quite happy with how comfortable and perfect the house is.

At work, I’ve not had any new and exciting assignment recently. I’m bored. I’ve literally spent most afternoons reading novels just to avoid falling asleep at my desk. I’m hoping for a positive change in that front. Also, I am looking forward to spending the Dusshera weekend back home as I’ll be seeing my ‘mau’ after three weeks. I can’t wait!

I also have to plan a lot of things for my next trip to one of the most beautiful and divine place in North India which is due in Diwali. I am super excited for that – for reasons best known to me and a couple of friends, haha!

More on the novel I read last week: It was titled ‘Wake’ written by ‘Amanda Hocking’. I happened to come across this novel in the shop below my office that scraps paper. I read the synopsis and was instantly drawn to the story line. I bought it. Just for 20rs. Yes!

Its been long that I read a good fiction/ fantasy novel, and this book had it all. From a cute romantic sequence between two teenagers to murders and supernatural sirens, it was quite a read. It took me back to my teenage when I had read the likes of Twilight etc. and would be extremely fascinated by the plot and characters. I would get lost in a world of fantasy and this book made me feel like a kid again, made me believe in sirens, curses and how killing humans to drink their blood is spooky but quite cool.

Owing to my ignorance, I googled the author to know more and turns out she is one of the best-selling authors of America. And.. there are video trailers of all the books she has written. ‘Wake’ is the first book of the ‘Watersong Series’ and the trailer is great. Although in my imagination, the characters looked prettier, I would definitely watch the movie if it were to be made.

Here’s the trailer to ‘Wake’: Amanda Hocking — “Wake” — Watersong Series Book Trailer
Read more: http://worldofamandahocking.com/watersong

Let me know if you enjoy this!

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