friend indeed

friend indeed

” dropping some truth bombs today,

*12.24 pm*

Is it normal to break-up with a friend you’ve known for many years just because you don’t enjoy their company anymore?

I’ve been confused. I’ve been feeling upset and unsettled over the recent surge of feelings I’ve developed about someone I’ve known for almost my entire life. I ‘ve literally grown up with them and loved them dearly for all these years. But lately, I’ve been feeling distant, bored, frustrated and highly negative in their company. The only one thing I don’t feel is understood. So, what’s the point?

I’m not sure if this is normal. Can you really stop wanting a person in your life for no specific reason, but only because their presence doesn’t make you happy anymore? Should you stick to a friend only because you’ve stuck by for long and have to keep it going even if doesn’t provide you with any real happiness?

Or is this just a phase?

I read a lot of quotes and inspirational blogs to seek answers and mental peace on this subject. Oddly, nothing and no-one seems to understand my problem!

In fact, they have confused me more. While some said I should let go of people who bring negative energy into my life, others said true friends accept each other with their flaws and stick through everything.

But, I’ve had such weirdly serious thoughts about breaking up this friendship not because I cannot put up with the flaws of my friend and accept them as is, but I have come to a realization that maybe nothing was true between us, ever. These thoughts have come up a lot of times over the last few years and I have finally decided to put them into words, analyze them and try to find some (if not all) answers to this confusion.

I’ve decided to take a small break, a time-off from them (although they have no idea about it) to clear my mind and arrive at a decision.

Until then, waiting for the Diwali vacation to begin. I’m flying to North India for a special special trip!

Super EXCITED!!!

cover picture credits: Ana Godis

6 responses to “friend indeed”

  1. Change is a part of our lives. Embrace the changes that you come across in your life and learn to let go, which will help you to deal with various issues.


  2. I think you should confront her about the things, that you think are hindering her growth! She’ll be mad, but soon she’ll understand, that you were right all along! You’re just lost. Don’t let go. Make a few changes! And I think, I’ve yet to write for you! Let me know, whenever you’re free and i’ll!


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